‘t Wed

Hello I'm local

I’m a private room for four people with four single beds. I’m perfect for a group of friends or a family. You have direct access to the patio of the hostel. My private bathroom has a shower, a sink, and a toilet.

My restaurant & bar

In my restaurant you can have breakfast like a a local. I serve warm bread just out of the oven, fresh juice, local cheese and much more. I also make a mean lunch and dinner. Or come and get a Haarlem-made beer from my bar with some Dutch snacks and enjoy it on my patio. I’ll see you there!

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I’m ‘T Wed

I’m the National Park Kennemerland

Hello I’m ’t Wed, thé place for your whole family to relax an let loose. I’m a small dune lake in the National Park Zuid Kennemerland. I’m man-made in the 50’s. The dug up sand is used for the construction of new neighborhoods in Haarlem. Since then, I have grown into a varied landscape where all kinds of plants, flowers and animals live. Here you can swim, walk along the beach, go for a picknick, build huts, or play hide and seek. Have fun!

Oudenmannenhuis Table

4 person private room boutique hostel hotel Haarlem

‘t Wed room

Local tips on Haarlem

Do you want some tips on what to do in Haarlem? I know this city like the back of my hand and have all the inside tips you will need for your stay. If you want I would be happy to share my personal favorite restaurants, boutique shops and cocktail bars with you. Just wait and see, I can’t wait to show you my city.

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