Hello I'm local

I’m a dorm room. You can book a bed or book the whole room for yourself. Students of the interior design school designed special ´bedstee´ bunk beds for you to sleep in. Up to 14 people can sleep here, but if you book the room as a private up to 16 people can fit. And yes everybody gets their own space and storage. I have 2 showers and 1 toilet; if someone is taking too long you can always use the other 2 restrooms in the hallway. Now my room has the best light of the boutique hostel and you can choose your view from a little square, the patio or the stars.

I’m the Province room


I’m the

Hello I’m the Province. I’m really confused: Dutch? Holland? The Netherlands? Which one is it? Well, it turns out that Holland is a part of The Netherlands. There are 12 provinces in the Netherlands as many as there are rooms in this Hostel, how local is that. Holland consists of two of those provinces: North and South Holland. So, at this moment you are in the capital of North Holland, which is part of the Netherlands, where we speak Dutch.

Hello I'm local

Province room
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