Pluk de Dag

I’m a dorm room in the Most Local Boutique Hostel in Haarlem. I have space for six guests in six single beds set up as ‘bedstee’ bunk beds. You have a view of a small side street. My bathroom has a shower, a sink and a toilet.

Enjoy an a la carte breakfast in my restaurant, where I also serve lunch, dinner and some local snacks.

Or come and taste some Haarlem-made beers at my bar and sit on my sunny patio. I will open the glass roof of my patio when the weather is nice enough or close it, so that you can still sit outside, even when it rains.

I’m the
Pluk de Dag

dorm hostel haarlem

a very
tulip bulb

Hello I’m the most colorful room in the whole hostel. Halfway into the 17th century Haarlem was the center of the flower bulb culture. The sandy ground here is perfect for growing flower bulbs. Tulip bulbs were in such high demand that in 1635 a Tulip Mania erupted. Everyone wanted to get his hands on a bulb. They were traded in bars and taverns to the highest bidder. The peak was the ‘Semper Augustus’, a white tulip with red flames on the leaves. It was sold for 6000 florins, the same price as a house by the canal! After two years this bubble of madness collapsed, but ever since the Tulip Mania still rages through Haarlem from March until May. From the Keukenhof, the tulip fields around the city, the Bloemencorso until the Frans Hals Museum. Even when the flower season has passed, there is always something fun to do in Flower City Haarlem. Let yourself be carried away by all the beauty and ‘Pluk de Dag’ (Carpe Diem).

Enjoying your dorm in my hostel in Haarlem? If you would like I can give you some tips on all the best local places in Haarlem to show you why I love this city so much. I know Haarlem like the back of my hand and will tell you all about my personal favorites. Wether it’s a local restaurant, a small boutique shop, a new cocktail bar or a must-see museum, I’ve got you. Enjoy!
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