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I’m a private room for a maximum of 4 guests with four single beds next to each other. My ceiling is 5 meters high and you can see the St. Bavo church from my private bathroom. You can stay here by yourself or bring your friends. I’m also great for a family with kids. I’m two flights up, but more than worth the climb. If you need help with your luggage just let me know. The Klederdracht room is right next to me which is my other room for 4.

I’m the


I’m a

Hello I’m Old School. My room exists of features of old-fashioned Dutch schools: ‘Old School’. Hanging from middle of the room are rings. Famous in our country from a game called ‘apenkooien’ (monkey cages). This game was played during gymnastics class, as last exercise before the big summer holiday. All gymnastic equipment would be stalled out through the gym room, then one person would be ‘it’ and had to tag someone else to be ‘it’ using only the equipment and no one was allowed to touch the ground.

Old School Room
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