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I’m a private room for a maximum of 4 people. I think I have the best room in the house. My ceilings are as high as the sky, I can open the doors all the way so the Dutch air can rush through my room. I have my own shower and toilet, so don’t have to share with anybody if you book me. You can stay in my big bed under the big lamp or around the corner in one of my two single beds. I’m great for those wanting to stay together in one room but who do like some extra privacy as my room is L shaped. I’m located next to the Old School Room which is my other 4 person room on the second floor. WARNING: I have a swing in my room.

I’m the


I’m a

Hello I’m a Traditional Costume. You guys probably think we all look like this over here in the Lands of the Low. Parading the streets and making ruckus with our clogs. Well we don’t! At least, not all of us. There are still two towns in the Netherlands where these clothes are worn: Staphorst and Bunschoten. If you’re interested, there are several annual festivals you can visit and enjoy our magnificent designer past. Most men’s costumes looked like all the rest, but women’s clothing was pretty distinctive. You could tell by the details from which region she was, if her family were farmers or fishermen, and whether she was married – basically a walking dating-site profile.
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