Johannes Enschede

Hello I'm local

I’m a private room. I have a great big bed, my own shower and sink. They couldn’t fit in a toilet, but don’t worry there’s one just outside the room. I have a street view from my window.

I’m the Johannes


I’m a

Hello I’m Johannes Enschedé. I’m a local printer. I have been located on the Klokhuisplein near Haarlem’s town square for almost 300 years. For decades, I have been one the most important printing houses in the Netherlands, where banknotes, bonds, and stamps were printed for the Dutch Central Bank, Great Britain, and the East- and West Indies. I moved to an industrial area on the Oude Weg in Haarlem in 1992, because I was scattered too much throughout the city.
Hello I'm local

Johannes Enschede room
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