Holstein Friesian

I’m a private room. Even though I might be the smallest room in the house, I’m pretty cool. As in the old days, in my room you sleep in a bedstee. Do you know what that is? They used to sleep sitting up in them. I have a great street view, you can secretly look at the people walking by if you want, I won’t tell. I have my own shower and sink. They tried to fit in a toilet, but if you don’t mind the restroom is right across from the room.

I’m the


I’m a

Hello I’m a Holstein-Friesian. I’m the most wanted cow in the world. Why? That’s because of my milk production; I produce about 7000 liters of milk per year. After ‘Friese’ and ‘Bataafse’ cows were crossbred, it appeared I am a magnificent milking breed. I am loved worldwide due to my milk production and the fact that I can keep producing under harsh circumstances, such as warm temperatures.

Holstein Friesian room
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