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Hello Im local

I’m a private room. I have a big bed and my own bathroom. I have a street view from my window and French balcony.

I’m the Frans


I’m a

Hello I’m Frans Hals. I don’t want to brag, but I’m one the biggest Dutch painters of the Golden Age. My work is best known for the vibrant colorful portraits, mainly of wealthy citizens, like Pieter van den Broecke and Isaac Massa, whom I painted three times. I also painted large group portraits for the local civic guards and for the regents of local hospitals. I became a member of the Saint Luke’s Guild in 1610, and was its head master four times. This guild of artists and arts craftsmen, is thought to be one the oldest in the ‘Low Lands’ (Netherlands, Belgium, lower parts of Germany).

Hello I'm local

Frans Hals room
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