I’m a private room at the Most Local Boutique Hostel in Haarlem. I have space for five guests with one double bed and three single beds. I’m a perfect room for a family. My bathroom has a shower, a sink and a toilet. You have direct access to the glass covered and very sunny patio.

Enjoy an a la carte breakfast in my restaurant, where I also serve lunch, dinner and some local snacks.

Or come and taste some Haarlem-made beers at my bar and sit on my sunny patio. I will open the glass roof of my patio when the weather is nice enough or close it, so that you can still sit outside, even when it rains.

I’m the


Hello I’m a biscuit baker from Haarlem that became a chocolate manufacturer. Before I knew it my delicious chocolate pastilles were popular all over the world. I opened my first chocolate factory in Haarlem, right next to the river Spaarne. Here I produced cacao powder and chocolates. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory had nothing on me. Did you know chocolate milk has healing qualities? That’s why I put a nurse on my cans of cacao powder. If you take a closer look at one of these cans you will see that the nurse is carrying the exact same can on her tray. This creates a never-ending image. This is called the Droste-effect. M.C. Escher used this effect in his art and even went a step further by adding rounded lines and making different worlds blend into each other this way. You’ll find the Droste-effect in this room, can you spot it?

Enjoying your private room in Haarlem? If you would like I can give you some tips on all the best local places in Haarlem to show you why I love this city so much. I know Haarlem like the back of my hand and will tell you all about my personal favorites. Wether it’s a local restaurant, a small boutique shop, a new cocktail bar or a must-see museum, I’ve got you. Enjoy!
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