A.J. van der Pigge

Hello I'm local

I’m a private room. I have 2 single beds, my own shower and sink. They couldn’t fit in a toilet, but don’t worry there’s one just outside the room. I have a street view from my window.

I’m the A.J van der Pigge room


I’m a

Hello I’m A.J. van der Pigge. I’m one of the first pharmacies in Haarlem. I specialize in herbs, ancient recipes, and herbal medicine. If you walk through the city, you will see a big department store called ‘Vroom & Dreesman’. They tried to buy up the whole block to build their new store. But I wouldn’t budge. They begged me to sell, but I stood firm. Eventually they had to build around me, which they did. Now almost 100 years later, 160 years old, I still exist. Not only do I still exist, I was crowned purveyor to the royal household in 1999, and am now a national monument. Above my front door you’ll see a ‘gaper’. Gapers served as a sign of pharmacists to attract customers, but also as a quality indicator of the store. The mouth of the gaper is not open to yawn, but to take a medicine. The grimace of many yawners is explained because the medicine tasted nasty.

Hello I'm local

A.J van der Pigge room
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