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    Jopenkerk 2

    Hello I’m a local beer

    If you love special beers then this is your place to be! For centuries, Haarlem was one of the greatest beer brewing cities in the Netherlands.
    Breweries were working all-out and beer was being freighted across the Spaarne River in ‘Jopen’. The beer had a high quality and was even drunk abroad. However, this glory does not endure and the last brewery in Haarlem closed in 1916.
    In 90’s, preparations for festivities celebrating 750 years of Haarlem’s existence are in full swing. The Haarlem Beer Society submits a plan aimed at the recovery of Haarlem’s brewing tradition. Recipes from 1407 and 1501 were found and the beer was brewed accordingly. And… the resulting beers are a pleasure to drink. On 11 November 1994, the celebratory year is heralded with the younger beer, called Hoppen. This is the start of Jopen!
    Nowadays Jopen beer brews divine Dutch beer in one of the most beautiful places in Haarlem, an old church! Jopen restored the age-old Haarlem brewing tradition to its earlier glory. A former church in the bustling center of Haarlem is now transformed into a modern city brewery, grand café and restaurant.
    Check it out and drink a Malle Babbe or a Ongelovige Thomas and relax at this lovely place! WARNING Daily/10:00-1.00 Take a 15 minute walk from my place to the Jopenkerk. I can mark it on my map for you.

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