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    Hello I’m a little crazy

    Dolhuys museum
    Psychiatry is a lively topic. One in four Dutch people are affected by a mental problem. This does not mean we are any crazier than the rest of the world. We all know someone affected by depression, burnout or Alzheimer’s.
    Experience the world of madness in the Dolhuys museum. Meet madmen and lunatics or clients as they are known today. This is a beautiful interactive museum. Find out how the Netherlands has dealt with madness throughout the centuries. Believe it or not, this museum is also very interesting for children.
    Sunday/Public Holiday/12:00-17:00
    Adults E8.50/ages 13-18 E6/kids free
    The museum is close to Haarlem Station. Take a 15 minute walk to the museum from my place. I will mark it on the map for you.

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