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    St James route starting in Haarlem

    Hello I’m a pilgrim starting point

    For centuries Haarlem has been a starting point for pilgrimages to Santiago de Compostela. Several cathedral cities in the Netherlands are now so recognized by the Netherlands Society of Saint James, and Haarlem is the official starting point those who cycle one of the worlds most famous pilgrimages. This came about after an international group of researchers had examined the old route and after one of them developed a set of maps. The pilgrims route enjoys renewed interest; it is a part of our European cultural heritage. The whole tour from the Netherlands is about 2510 km (1560 mi) running through France and the Pyrenees to Santiago de Compostela. The Saint James (Sint Jacob in Dutch) bike route from the Fietskaart Informatie Stichting (Cycle Maps Foundation) begins at the Rosenstock-Huessy House in Haarlem. Obtain a stamp in your pilgrim’s passport at this 15th century hospital at Hagestraat number 10 – around the corner from my place.
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