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    Hello Group. Cool you are looking for a location. You are probably dealing with all kinds of questions; Where are we going? Where are we going to eat? What are we going to do? And all of that with a big wish list and a budget. You need a unique location that caters to a whole variety of people. You need flexibility so that as many boxes as possible can be ticked.
    I would love to invite you for a coffee by my fireplace to go over your wish list and to find out if I am the right place for you. Just let me know when by emailing that to [email protected]. I do also have a phone number and a post adres.
    WARNING: I know all about having to organize a group event. I’m the most local group accommodation in the world.
    I am proud of my city. I love my 4 old monumental buildings just minutes from the big central square in Haarlem. Being able to bike to the beach and the National Park. Coming home with my finds from Haarlems one of a kind stores. Going to Amsterdam for the day and to return to the beautiful relaxed city center of Haarlem.
    Haarlem just might be the place for your group. I consider you a group if you’re coming with 8 up to 57 people. Either all in privates and/or all together in dorm rooms. Really how often do you get to sleep with 7 or 13 others. Can you imagine the amount of laughs that’s going to bring. You can bunk up together in one of my 3 dorm rooms: Provincie, Tante Leen or Oude Mannen. You can book these rooms as private, if you do so I can squeeze in an extra bed. Or divide yourselves over my private rooms. If you are with 8 check out The Klederdracht and The Old School. They are right next to each other on the top floor.
    Or just book the whole place for yourselves. Yes my whole boutique hostel. I’ve had weddings, TV show recordings, National sport teams and a number of Board of Directors do that. They loved my laid-back atmosphere with my 5-star service.
    I can make it as easy for you as you want. Yes, you can wear flip-flops at a dining table with white linen. What ever makes your hart tick. I will even make you shared group breakfast, lunch and/or diner.
    Contact me what ever way you like so I can get your group event planning on a roll.
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