house rules

Hello I’m my House Rules

My house is your house. Please feel at home. You will notice that I don’t have signs throughout the building telling you what you can and cannot do. I trust your common sense and respect for me, my property and my neighbours. So what does that mean? Please read the following:

Quiet Time
My guests come here to sleep on my comfi matrasses. Please feel free to sleep all you want and respect others that wish to do so. What does that mean? Between 22:00 and 8:00 is quiet time. Not feeling tired – go check out the local nightlife in town. I will ask you to lower your voice once you cross the bridge on your way back. I’m located in the quiet part of town. Believe me when I say that my neighbours and guests love their sleep.

WARNING: If I receive complaints from other guests and/or neighbors as a result of your behavior; I will charge you for the financial damage as a consequence of your behavior. I will fine E200.- per person per incident for the following unrespectful behavior, not limited to: being extremely loud, tampering with the fire alarm, making an unacceptable mess of your room, setting off my bar alarm as a result of trying to go behind the bar, having my Night Watch come out of bed etc.
If I receive complaints from the neighbours; I will ask you to personally apologize to them and send them flowers with a note. If you want I will send them for you and charge you the bill. If you do not respect my rules. I can ask you to leave without refund. All fines need to be paid before departure.

Feel like smoking? Not your room, not the patio but outside is the place to be. Yes all e-smokers too.
If my detectives catch you smoking in the building or if your room smells like smoke I will have to fine you E200.- and ask you to leave without refund.

Life is a natural high, no need for drugs. Usage and/or selling of drugs is prohibited on the premises and 50 meters around the building. I will ask you to leave without refund if you do so.

I love having fun groups stay with me. For sure you can imagine the noise it can bring. Please do have fun, just so you know that my neighbours love fun too, just not during quiet time. So keep your room door and windows closed if they lead to public outside areas, your voices reach further then you might expect.
I do not allow groups to bring their own drinks.
WARNING: I hold the person who made the reservation responsible for the rest of the group.

I have a great patio where you can relax, light the fireplace and enjoy a local treat. At 22.00 I go into quiet mode as my neighbours and I love a good night sleep.
I play great local music. If you want to play your own music please do so with headphones or in your room.
Please feel free to use the fireplace. I will provide wood that is enough for one evening.

Theft or Damage
Hello I’m Local is not responsible for theft or damage of your personal belongings. In the dorms I have drawers you can lock yourself. I also have a safe if you want to lock up your belongings.

My hostel is filled with things I collected. If I’m missing things out of your room or you broke something; I will charge you for the replacement. I will have you pay before departure. Most things are for sale, so if you are interested in taking something home, let me know and I will name the price.

Maximum Stay
You are more than welcome to stay 10 days with me. Want to stay longer? In some cases my owner can give you permission.

Feel free to drop off you bags as early as 8:00. Or leave them with me after check out to enjoy the day in town. I wish I had the space to hold luggage for longer periods, sorry, can’t do.

F&B and Cooking
I have a guest pantry for you to use with a refrigerator, stove,microwave and water boiler. Go for it! My rooms are made for sleeping; not cooking, just so you know. I serve all kind of local yummies. Sorry but I don’t allow bringing in your own beverages.

You are welcome to stay if you are over 18. Of course kids are welcome is they are accompanied by an adult.

Sorry, even though I love animals I can’t have them spend the night.

Yep they love to travel as much as I do. My team is trained to detect them, I look for them daily and a professional company comes in regularly to check the whole hostel. Please let me know asap if you think you see them or think one of them got to you. I have a procedure in place. I will ask you if I can check your bags. I do not refund in case of bedbugs.