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    Hello I’m Local fun

    Hello I’m Local fun
    Coming to my place and looking for good fun in Haarlem? I’m happy to give you all my favorite spots and things to do.
    One week before your arrival I will send you my local Week Special by mail.
    In this Special you will find lot’s of good places, adventures and specials during the time you are staying with me.
    I’m looking forward meeting you and show you why I love Haarlem!
    My all time favorites
    Hipshops Haarlem / every day
    Download the walking route of my Haarlem initiative Hipshops. It will lead you along my unique little streets and one-of-a-kind shops.
    Details: www.hipshopshaarlem.nl
    Beaches Bloemendaal and Zandvoort
    Sun is shining, time for some beach adventures!
    Rent a bike and go to Bloemendaal or Zandvoort beach. Relax, get tanned, have a drink or lunch at one of the beach bars and dance till moonlight at the best beach parties.

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